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Welcome to Futronic!

Starting with automotive electronics in1993, Futronic has been supplying various types of motors, actuators, and controllers to global automotive companies with the best quality and price. We continue to develop new products through creative and innovative technology and continuous growing.

Futronic has sophisticate design and manufacturing technology for Mechatronics parts, which is an essential part of EV production. And, we have the know-how and experience to supply mechatronic products to the major OE automakers and Tier-1 companies around the world for many years. 

We are building a one-step full-package process to provide more efficient and eco-friendly products. And we are supplying excellent products that meet international standards such as IATF 16946, ISO14001, SQ Mark, and ISO 26262. 

Futronic is

Beyond the domestic market, we are recognized for the excellence of our developed products by leading automobile manufacturers around the world who consider Futronic a strategic reliable business partner. We continue to strengthen our position as a leading global company of automotive actuators.

We are advancing the development of our original technologies to secure the next generation of core technologies. Additionally, we are doing our best to become the next generation leader in the automotive actuator market.

We promise to do our best to provide the highest quality and service with a spirit of action and creativity and always ready to take on a new challenge. 

Futronic will be with you as a successful business partner.