비디오 재생
1990 ~ 2000
  • 1993/Dec, Established ChumDan Electric Industry
  • 1995/Sep, Established Technology Institute
  • 1996/Sep, Acquired quality certification (AC00241)
  • 1997/Jan, Changed company name to Futronic.
2000 ~ 2010
  • 2000/Jan, QPS-100 certification of production and quality
  • 2000/Feb, Setup computerization work
  • 2000/Jul, Certification of company-affiliated R&D center
  • 2001/Sep, Designated as a Promising Export Small Business.
  • 2002/Sep, Acquired ISO 14001 certification
  • 2002/Oct, Established US branch
  • 2002/Dec, Acquired Single PPM Quality Certification (sensor assemblies for automotive DC motors)
  • 2003/Sep, Confirmation of Technology Innovative Small Business.
  • 2005/Mar, Manufacturing Sector Technology Evaluation AAA grade certification (P&P – CT0318)
  • 2006/Jan, New Product Certification, NEP-2003-072 (EM)
  • 2006/Dec, Selected as a leading company in Busan city’s strategic business (machine parts and materials industry)
2010 ~ 2020
  • 2011/Dec, Commendation on Trade Day (Ministry of Knowledge Economy)
  • 2013/Sep, Jinho Ko inaugurated as CEO.
  • 2013/Dec, Leading company certification in the convergence parts and materials industry.
  • 2014/Mar, Acquired GLOBAL STAR certification from KDB Development Bank.
  • 2014/May, Selected as a participating company in the Global Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises Fostering Project.
  • 2014/May, Moved the headquarters to 66-21, Bansong-ro, 513 Beon-gil, Haeundae-gu, Busan.
  • 2014/May, Certified as an Excellent Employment Company.
  • 2014/Dec, Increased capital to KRW 5,854 million.
  • 2016/Dec, selected as an Excellent Company for Korea AEO comprehensive certification.
  • 2017/Dec, Awarded 30-Million-Dollar Export Achievement.
  • 2018/Mar, received commendation from the Minister of Strategy and Finance on the 52nd Taxpayer’s Day.
  • 2018/Dec, Awarded 50-Million Dollar Export Achievement.
  • 2019/Dec, Awarded 70-Million Dollar Export Achievement.
  • 2019/Dec, Busan metropolitan city Leading Company certification
2020 ~ 2030
  • 2021/Jun, The 1st Hidden Champion Award.
  • 2021/Nov, Material/Part/Equipment Specialized Company confirmation certification.